Jana: Knowledge

The path of contemplation which involves deep exploration of ourselves by putting aside false identities.


 skill · knowledge · strength & flexibility


I remember the first day of my 200HR Teacher Training, nervous and excited for the new experience and path that I was about to embark on.  I remember sitting in our 'opening circle' (as we always begin the trainings) looking around at all of the other nervous and unfamiliar faces.  I remember sitting in that circle waiting to be told what to do and wondering what the next month of my life was going to be like, wondering what the rest of my life was going to be like.  I remember feeling confident knowing that, even though the people sitting around me were strangers, I knew that we were a community of people with similar aspirations and a love and curiosity for yoga.  What I didn't know, was that this was going to be a community of people that I could lean on for the rest of my yoga career.  I remember when my trainer (Chrissy Carter) began addressing the group, I remember thinking "Yes, I want to teach yoga, but I want to do THAT.  I want to be a trainer."  And so my journey on the path to becoming a teacher trainer began.  

The trainings that I teach through YogaWorks are extensive, they are thorough, and the material is dense.  They are geared for the serious student that wants to deepen their practice or graduate the program with aspirations to teach yoga.  In the trainings, we thoroughly cover the Alignment of many of the asanas (postures) along with Meditation and Pranayama (breathing practices), offer you the skills to create your own sequences through the YogaWorks' method of Sequencing (emphasis being on safety), we spend time discussing yoga's deeper meaning and how to apply it to your practice and your life: Yoga Philosophy via the Yoga Sutras.  Basic Anatomy of the body is covered along with Practice Teaching.  Those are the topics that make up the bulk of the training.  Some of the other Specialty topics include Prenatal Yoga, Restorative Yoga, and the Subtle Body.  It is a full program in which you will leave having more skill, knowledge, strength and flexibility (both physically and mentally).




200HR Weekend Format: September 8th - December 2nd 2018

Trainings are held at the YogaWorks Teacher Training Center.


For more information regarding the upcoming teacher training programs, or to sign up visit: yogaworks teacher trainings