Satya: Truthfulness

Refers to being truthful in one's thought, speech, and action.




"...Last night I had a flashback to the first class I ever took with you on the Upper East Side.  I was in the back corner and remember you correcting me in almost every pose.  I was thinking, 'god, she must think I know absolutely nothing about yoga.' Obviously, I continued to come back- loving your style of teaching.  It was your voice that heldme true and strong to myself during the difficult times.  You saying 'you can do anything for one more breath' applied on the mat and off the mat.  I have become more confident in all of my actions and for that, I thank you." -Sara Tumey


“...You truly love what you do and it has made me love yoga even more.” -Ericka Orrego


"€œ...You were my first real teacher that made me love yoga.  You introduced to me what it means to appreciate my physical abilities and I am so grateful to you." -Ilana Lotan


“...Many of the things you said will stay with me, but one continues to resonate (in regard to arm balancing) 'Sometimes it's about the falling. In life too, it's scary to fall but in falling we learn just how much we're truly capable of.' Thank you for being present and helping me along this journey." -Mathew


“...My life changed when I randomly walked into your class 5 years ago!  I never thought I would be where I am today.  You have been an amazing guide, teacher, and friend.” -Ron Longe





Bravo To Basics with Dani Zuccheri

Yoga Sleuth

May 26, 2015

"With just a few days left before beach season officially begins, this week, I made my way uptown to the cozy two-room YogaWorks Eastside studio. What this studio lacks in its SoHo sister studio’s amenities—like full showers, sizeable square footage, and complimentary refreshments—it makes up for in charm and warmth. Even though Yoga Sleuth has the luxury of partaking in plenty of novel yoga classes around town, going back to basics with Dani Zuccheri readdressed the importance of three asana fundamentals: foundation, alignment, and breath..."

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Open with Dani Zuccheri LeRoy

Mindful · Yoga · Health

"With Dani, you will experience a thorough and strong class with plenty of options."

"There is stillness to Dani Zuccheri LeRoy as a teacher – she really glides throughout the studio as she teaches. Today you will experience a thorough and strong class with plenty of options – some really tough poses for the students looking to push themselves but totally accessible to the beginner as well. It’s Dani’s attention to her students that makes this possible."

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